Hey everyone!  We have not only launched the new Postpartum HealHer program today (read all about that HERE), but we’ve also launched the PowHer Pair: Booty & Abs Program.  Let’s dive into this program a little bit more below!

  1. This is a 6 week program focusing on targeting the glutes and abs.  There is both a Home Version and a Gym Version that you can switch back and forth in between, if need be.
  2. We recommend doing one of our 12 week programs first (specifically Strength 1.0) for optimum results.  Strength 1.0 is the fundamental bases of our fitness web app.  This will allow you to build full body strength and lean muscle mass all over while also burning fat.  It’s then ideal to come in with the PowHer Pair: Booty & Abs program to do more sculpting and toning in those areas.
  3. You can start with this program if you want, but for more optimum results we do suggest doing one of our 12 week full body programs before.  (They Include Strength 1.0, Bikini Body Conditioning and PowHer 1.0 and you can read more about these programs on the PowHer.fit blog.)
  4. We do not encourage you doing this 6 week program at the same time as another one of our 12 week full body programs.  If you still decide to do so, you need to make sure you’re at least eating at your caloric maintenance level (surplus is encouraged) and getting 8-10 hours of rest.  Each of our programs are a full workload on the body and are not meant to be doubled up.  Remember building muscle and burning fat TAKES TIME!
  5. In this program we take you through the proper activation movements, training excursuses and burnouts to really build and target your booty and abs.  Nutrition overview guidance is laid out for you within day 1!
  6. As long as you’re a current PowHer.fit member, you’ll gain access to the newest PowHer Pair: Booty & Abs Program.  All you’ll need to do is enroll into the program.  You can enroll to the Home Version or the Gym Version, or even both! If you’re not currently a PowHer.fit member, you can subscribe HERE either for the $507 yearly recurring option (which gives you almost 2 months free that’s linked HERE) or the regular $49 monthly recurring option (Linked HERE).  Cancel at anytime with no commitment.

If you have anymore questions about this program or anything else relating to PowHer.fit, feel free to email us at info@powher.fit or randa@powher.fit.