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Our Current Programs

Strength 1.0 Gym
Strength 1.0 Home
Bikini Body Conditioning Home
Bikini Body Conditioning Gym
PowHer 1.0 Gym
PowHer 1.0 Home
PowHer Pair: Booty & Abs Home
PowHer Pair: Booty & Abs Gym
Postpartum HealHer Gym
Postpartum HealHer Home
Pump Your Bump Pregnancy Program (for All Trimesters)
Kait x Program – Nutrition and Home & Gym Fitness

First off, why do we have many different training programs? Everyone needs a change from their workout structure to fight hitting tough plateaus that hinder results. Plateaus occur in training due to a phenomenon known as homeostasis. To avoid General Adaption Syndrome, variety is the key. Each week you’ll see a change in your times, sets and reps and every two weeks you’ll see a change in full body movements.

Our different programs offer different intensities, focuses, frequencies and workout length. All of our programs focus on the 3 primary training phases of the Performance Training Cycle that professional trainers and coaches utilize to produce radical transformations in less than half the time of the average person. This includes exposing your bodies weakest areas, bringing your body into balance and preparing your joints for future workloads before strategically introducing you to more advanced resistance training exercises that utilize the natural functions of your musculoskeletal anatomy to target more muscle tissue. Targeting more muscle tissue stimulates them to grow firmer, leaner and stronger while allowing your body to burn more calories on its own at a resting state. Read below to learn more about each of our current programs. We always suggest starting with Strength 1.0 for the most optimum results!

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