Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We currently have 4 membership options. Monthly membership without Empowerment Coaching is $49/month. Yearly membership without Empowerment Coaching is $507/year (over 2 months free when you pay up front for a year!). Monthly membership WITH Empowerment Coaching and a Small Group is $59/month. Yearly membership WITH Empowerment Coaching and a Small Group is $620/year (over 2 months free when you pay up front for a year!)

Any membership will grant you access to our nutrition overview, membership forum, recipes, monthly meal plan options, home fitness training programs and gym training programs. The training programs included with a membership include Strength 1.0 (home and gym), Bikini Body Conditioning (home and gym), PowHer 1.0 (home and gym), PowHer Pair: Booty & Abs (home and gym), Postpartum Healher (home or gym), and Pump Your Bump Pregnancy Program (home or gym).

We do have select programs that require a one-time additional purchase in addition to membership. Those programs that require an additional purchase include Kait X PowHer Nutrition Program and Kait X PowHer Fitness Program (home and gym) – however this program is not suggested as a starter program. Learn more about it by continuing to read our FAQ’s below.

Being a member of the community will give you access to weekly workouts. Each movement comes with an instructional video and voice-over commands to ensure proper form and performance. The workouts are both gym and home based, and you can switch between the two if you want! You can tailor this program to your own personal goals (losing weights, gaining muscle mass or both at the same time!) and each exercise movement will also have a modified (easier) movement as well as a more advanced (harder) movement. members will also be given a nutritional strategy plan to follow. Quite possibly one of the most exciting things about the app is going to be the community forum! This will be a place where the community can share tips, tricks, recipes, success stories, connect with each other! members will also have priority email access.

The regular membership gains you access to everything listed on our first FAQ, but the Empowerment Coaching Membership is an upgrade with extra features. You get to choose an Empowerment Coach that has been through 3 months of community, nutrition and fitness overview courses, as well as to be placed in a safe small group led by the coach for extra daily check-ins, community support, accountability and encouagement. A small group led by an Empowerment Coach is a place where a new member is more likely to ask more questions, be more vulnerable, and create more lasting relationships and friendships amongst their small group. Some people will be more likely to stay committed to their small groups friends and coach, rather than just on their own. Choose your desired coach at checkout and join her safe small group today!

Our Free trial is completely FREE! You do not have to input a credit card, and since the free trial requires no payment method, it will not automatically charge or automatically become a membership. The Free trial comes with 1 free home workout and 1 free gym workout. Both of these workouts are accessible infinitely meaning there is no expiration date, nor is there a limit to how many times you can access them.

No, you do not have to have gym access to do this program. has a home option within the app. The home option is teaching you to use household items to get a workout in. The home options was written specifically as a home workout program, so don’t worry that we are just going to hand over a gym program and say good luck at home like other programs do.

PowHer.Fit is not available through the App Store.  It is a web-based app that can be purchased by visiting the web page

Yes, you will be able to switch in between the gym and home workouts to fit your schedule and availability!

We will actually teach you how to use household items like milk jugs, water bottles, pillows and couches to get your workout in. If you want to do the more advanced options of the home workouts, we do suggest some dumbbells and resistance bands!

Both the H.I.I.T. and Resistance Training workouts are designed to last at least 30 minutes. However, every workout is structured so that if you need to cut your workout time short, you can go home proud knowing you got the most effective movements in first!

For those of you working out on the clock, DON’T worry about being able to finish, focus on getting STARTED! Once you start, just set your alarm for whenever you need to leave, follow the workout in the order it is programmed, and stop whenever it’s time to go! Do NOT feel guilty for not finishing, be PROUD of yourself for starting and for accomplishing everything you did!

PowHer.Fit is intentionally designed to keep you from getting bored, but also keep you from wasting time figuring out your workouts! The first week your workouts change, there will be some extra transition time as you find your equipment, learn the movements and figure out an appropriate weight. The second week, your workouts will flow MUCH faster because you will know where to go, what to use and which weight to select.

PowHer.Fit is going to introduce you to a WIDE variety of movements! The longer you commit to changing your mind and body with PowHer.Fit, the more you will learn and faster you will be able to understand each new workout!

We do encourage a short warm-up of stretches before each workout as well as a proper cool down at the end. If you’ve got extra time to spare, add some L.I.S.S. cardio (low-intensity steady state) to keep your fat burning levels fueling.

The cost is $49/month or $550 per year. If you choose the monthly option, you will be billed monthly. If you choose the yearly option, you will be billed up front for the upcoming year. You can cancel before the next month (if you chose monthly option) or the next year (if you chose yearly option) of the billing cycle. For a more detailed break down of our billing conditions, please read more here.

No, you can cancel at anytime free of charge.

Yes, the app includes nutrition strategies. Over time the number of recipes gathered and shared within the community will continue to grow. We do not provide you with a strict grocery list break down, but we will have a macro cheat sheet available for our members that will be very beneficial while grocery shopping!

Yes! The best part about’s Nutrition Strategy is we help you get set up based on your own personal goals, and then we show you how to fit your own food freedom and nutrition choices to match the caloric and macro splits set up individually for you!

We do not tailor a custom or detailed meal plan for every member who registers, but rather a suggested nutritional plan, recipes on our member forum, as well as a 30 day monthly meal plan guidance to follow. We want our members to have food freedom and to LEARN how to eat on their own without having to follow a strict meal plan.

We suggest members start with our foundational program of Strength 1.0 FIRST. (Unless they are doing the pregnancy program or postpartum HealHer program first of course). After Strength 1.0, we suggest following up with Bikini Body Conditioning. Strength 1.0 followed by Bikini Body Conditioning (total of 6 months of training) will yield the most optimum performance results. After Bikini Body Conditioning, we suggest moving into PowHer 1.0 and then rounding out with the PowHer Pair: Booty & Abs Program.

If you are postpartum or recovering from an injury or surgery, we do suggest starting with the PostPartum HealHer program FIRST before moving into Strength 1.0. Remember all our programs have modified, standard, and advanced movements and we want you to choose the training option that best fits your skill set.

If you are pregnant we do have a special “Pump Your Bump” pregnancy specific program for all trimesters more for beginners, but also all of our other programs are pregnancy safe if 1) you’ve previously been strength training and 2) you have been cleared by your doctor, midwife or physician to exercise during pregnancy. We even have specific pregnancy modifications written in where they are needed. If you are new to training and have been cleared by your doctor, we suggest starting with the pregnancy “Pump Your Bump” program and choosing the modified movements for your beginner skill set. We do suggest all pregnant women go through the 12 week (3 month) “Pump Your Bump” program at least once. If you complete it, you can go through it again switching your skill set level option ie: standard or modified.

The regular standard membership of $49/month or $507/year gets you access to all our fitness programs, member forums, nutrition assistance, recipes, monthly meal plan guidance, etc.

Empowerment Coaching with the small group option is a guided safe group with empowerment coaches that can help you reach your fitness goals. All our coaches have been through a 90 day course, but they are not necessarily certified trainers or nutritionists. Think of them as your daily accountability buddies and support guidance! When you choose this upgraded membership option you will be able to choose the empowerment coach that you want to work with, and you’ll be invited to their small group with other members just like yourself!

Coaches will do daily check-ins, create a safe small community amongst the group to help with encouragement and daily support, they can assist with your nutrition overview and setting your macros if you feel this is an area you will need additional one-on-one assistance verses the teaching materials we already provide online.

With empowerment coaching and small group memberships, you get the same access to programs that you do in the regular membership as well as all of the member forum support, but with this upgraded membership option you get additional daily support from your empowerment coach and safe small group. Think of it as your new online friend group of fitness girlfriends all trying to reach your own goals while cheering each other on!

Of course! There will even be voice commands to go along with the how-to videos so you will truly be getting a virtual personal training experience!

Yes! Or should we say YASSSSS! There is an online community forum that will have lots of tips, tricks, success stories, topic discussions and engagement within the community. The forum will be able to be accessed by members only and it will have a search tool within it. Bye bye facebook groups and notifications, hello organized online community forum!

You should adjust your active and inactive day calorie targets at least every month, or if you are on an aggressive 2lb/wk or greater calorie-deficit regimen, aim to adjust every 5lbs lost. Every time you adjust your calories, your macronutrient gram value targets will change, but the ratio should stay consistent (Ectomorphs 40C/30P/30F, Endomorphs 35C/30P/35F)

Of course! We have a full blog post all about the Postpartum HealHer program linked HERE. You can actually read about all of our programs on our blog linked HERE.

We do have a pregnancy specific program for all trimesters called “Pump Your Bump”. If you are pregnant, all of our programs are pregnancy safe if 1) you’ve previously been strength training and 2) you have been cleared by your doctor, midwife or physician to exercise during pregnancy. We even have specific pregnancy modifications written in where they are needed. If you are new to training and have been cleared by your doctor, we suggest starting with the pregnancy specific “Pump Your Bump” program and choosing the modified movements for your beginner skill set.

We do have a PostPartum HealHer program that does have special nutrition suggestions within the program for breastfeeding moms. You will want to be cleared by your doctor, physician or midwife before resuming exercise after delivering a baby. We do suggest starting with our PostPartum HealHer program first to slowly regain your strength. This program is also ideal for anyone recovering from an injury, surgery, or accident, so it is not only limited to Postpartum Mommas.

You better believe it! One of the biggest problems with large-scale programs that SAY they’re great for anyone and everyone is they have everyone do the same movements, the same sets, and same reps. PowHer.Fit is NOT like everyone else, because NEITHER ARE YOU!

Not only have we included Intensity and Exhaustion guides to help you understand how different resistance levels maximize muscle growth or fat loss, but we have also included THREE movement options for each station! Is the recommended exercise (Intermediate) too difficult? We’ve included a modified one! Want something MORE challenging?? Try the advanced option! Coupled with the intensity guides, PowHer.Fit is probably the most customizable fitness program you have ever seen!

PowHer.Fit includes 4 Days of professionally programmed resistance training and 1 Day of High-Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.). If these 5 days are executed properly, you will find yourself breathing hard, sweating all over, and your heart beating faster. All of these are signs of excellent cardio-vascular exercise.

Since 5 days of vigorous exercise is difficult enough for many to execute, even less to fit into their schedule, we are not formally asking you to do more than the programmed amount of activity.

We DO, however, suggest moving as much as possible! If your body is able and you have the ability, a traditional “cardio” workout can certainly be added on the 6th or 7th day, or even on the same day as one of your Resistance Training workouts (although we recommend spacing them at least a few hours apart). Otherwise, doing anything other than sitting/lying down is going to do wonders for your body in the long run, especially if it’s outside where your body can be exposed to the elements, healthy bacteria, and sunlight.

Here are a few other excellent activity options you can add each week:
– Hiking (or just walking around the neighborhood!)
– Biking (outside!) or a Cycle Spin Class
– Hunting/Fishing/Kayaking/Canoeing/Camping
– Jogging/Running
– Group exercise class
– Yard work (get your hands dirty!)
– Home improvement projects

A full day of being on your feet and moving around will ALWAYS out-perform any 30 or 60-minute workout when it comes to calories burned! YES, you read that right!

It is unfortunate for our bodies that we have built a society dependent on convenience foods and desk jobs, driving our calorie intake up and our activity level down. This is why daily physical activity coupled with educated nutritional decisions is so vital. The conveniences technology has given us are undeniably beneficial, but the consequences those conveniences have on our bodies are, you guessed it, undeniably inconvenient.

The more you can stay on your feet and move around, the more calories you will burn, the higher your metabolism will be, your posture will improve, chronic pain will subside, and the happier and healthier both you and your waist-line will be!

Yes, you can switch the workout days during a given workout week to better fit your schedule. However, we do not suggest skipping between weeks or from one week to another without completing the previous week. The weekly workouts should be done in order, however, you can switch the days within the week if you need to!

Of course! This program is great for those trying to lose fat, gain muscle mass, or accomplish both at the same time. Because this program can be tailored to your own goals, this is absolutely a great program for those trying to gain lean muscle mass.

We have included guides to this in the program! In weeks 1 and 2, EVERYONE is going to LEARN THE BURN because there are no sets or reps, you are going to do each exercise for TIME! It won’t matter if you grabbed 2lbs or 20lbs, your muscles are going to start burning at some point before time is up!

The reason we structured Weeks 1 and 2 this way is to teach you how hard to push yourself! We’ve included an Intensity Guide to tailor that burn towards building muscle or losing fat. Keep in mind, your nutrition is going to be the primary driver of fueling your body to increase or decrease in size, but the guide dials in the reps and rest scheme to fine-tune what is more specifically optimal for building new muscle tone, or burning off body fat to reveal the muscle tone you have!

First, identify where the pain is coming from. If the pain is coming from muscle tissue (along with a bone, hardens when contracted, softens when relaxed) you could be feeling a ‘burning’ sensation which is caused by lactic acid build-up during intense exercise. This is what you want to be feeling every single time you start a movement. Once the discomfort reaches an intensity of a 7 or 8/10 (10 being intolerable), that’s when it’s time to stop, rest, and let that burning sensation subside as your body flushes the lactic acid out of the muscle.

If the pain is coming from a joint (hip-socket, shoulder, knee, elbow, ankle, etc.), stop what you’re doing and try one or more of the following:
– Slow the movement down
– Reduce the range of motion of movement
– Use a lighter resistance

9/10 times, doing a combination of the above will fix the problem. This indicates that you have found the intensity your body is ready for, so continue performing the movement accordingly for the recommended duration. When you perform the same or similar movement in a few days, you should notice you’re able to modify less and do a little more!

If you are still experiencing issues, send a message to our experienced Chiropractor – Dr. Patrick Linne. This is one of his areas of expertise! can, of course, be beneficial for men. Between the nutritional guidelines and the full body HIIT and resistance training, men will also see results and benefits from this program. The logo and marketing are very feminine and can seem focused only on women and that’s because Randa knows so many women are scared of resistance weight training. There is a stigma that women who lift weights will become bulky and masculine, so marketing wise she wanted to bust that myth. Randa’s husband follows the program with her, as many other husband and wife teams do! Even the trainer who designed this program is a man.

Here at PowHer.Fit paid members do get priority email access to our professionals! We will limit each customer to 2 in-depth emails per month. Between the videos, voice-overs, written descriptions, blog and online forum of the entire PowHer.Fit community – there is a lot of content put together to help each client succeed and to teach them the proper way to do so. If the customer then needs more one-on-one guidance, there will be an additional charge for one-on-one coaching depending upon how much additional individual coaching time the client requests.

We are so sorry to hear that you want to cancel your membership please let us know what you liked and didn’t like about our program so that we can improve it.

Please go here for more information, especially on the new system (launched June 2019):

If you’re a preexisting client, this may also help…

Go to your Profile Page, once you are there click on Subscriptions. You should now be looking at the membership level that you signed up on. From here click on the cancel button. This will direct you to follow the on-screen instruction to cancel the re-occurring membership payments through your account.

We are so excited that you are interested in the coaching program! When you are ready to make your purchase and choose your coach… click “Subscribe” and fill out your information. At the bottom of this page (in the drop down bar) choose your coach! On the second page you will be prompted to choose a monthly or yearly plan. Choose the Monthly + Empowerment Coaches for $59/month or Yearly + Empowerment Coaches for $620/year.

To read about our coaches- see the Empowerment Coaches page and read about all of our incredible coaches. When picking a coach just try to find someone you feel comfortable with. This person is going to be encouraging you and checking in with you throughout the course of your membership. This is a personal decision and you cannot go wrong! All of our coaches have been trained and are exceptional at what they do. They are eager to meet you and introduce themselves! When you are ready to make your purchase and choose your coach… click “Subscribe” and fill out your information. At the bottom of this page (in the drop down bar) choose your coach! On the second page you will be prompted to choose a monthly or yearly plan. Choose the Monthly + Empowerment Coaches for $59/month or Yearly + Empowerment Coaches for $620/year.

You can go to your profile and add adjust what coach you want to use, or email us at and we will be happy to assist you and get you in the right group!

Yes! Kait’s program is a one-time purchase of $49 for the workout program, and another $49 for the nutrition portion. You can read all about the program on our blog here.

You will need to go to your “Welcome Page” when you are logged into Here, you will see a list of all of our available programs (including Kait’s workout and nutrition programs.) Click on Kait’s program that you would like to purchase, and it will take you to the payment screen where you can checkout. After purchase, it will be available with all of your other programs and will not require any other special tasks. Read more about Kait’s program on our blog here.

There are two programs for Kait X A workout program with 12 weeks of Kait Davis inspired workouts and a nutrition program with Kait’s macro breakdown and much more! Each of these programs are available for $49 each. Read more about Kait’s program here.

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