Over the past 5 years, Randa has lost 40 pounds, steadily reduced her body fat percentage while also gaining lean muscle mass.

Her lifestyle is proof that with sustainable and balanced nutrition (she eats over 200 grams of carbs a day!) along with strength and resistance training, the mind and body can begin to function at its true potential. Through her own lifestyle and fitness journey experiences, she believes in aging in reverse and feeling better each day that she is blessed with.

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Ben has helped dozens of women (including in College Station, TX) transform their bodies and their self-confidence through smarter exercise structure, sustainable nutrition guidance, and realistic expectations.
Ben has been passionately involved in fitness for well over a decade, and considering he is in his mid 30’s and still winning transformation contests against other personal trainers, he clearly knows what it takes to stay fit after those easier youthful years are behind you. Ben separates himself from other trainers by taking a more inclusive, holistic, and integrative approach in how he coaches each client.

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PowHer Fit Goes with Your Goals

Workout Virtually Anywhere

Every program within the PowHerFit.fit app comes with both home and gym specialized options. You can switch in between the home and gym options, which allows you to stay committed with a busy lifestyle and workout from virtually anywhere.

Workouts for all Skill Sets

Every exercise movement comes with standard, advanced, and modified options therefore you choose a workout that tailors to your skill set.

Virtual Video and Audio Coaching

Experience a virtual online personal training experience with our easy-to-follow video instructions and matching audio voice over coaching commands.

Tailor PowHer.fit to Your Personal Goals

You can set up and edit your nutritional overview based upon your personal goals as well as choose specific intensity guidelines within a given workout to equally match your personal goals.


After having a recent kidney transplant, I wanted to tone up after losing over 50 pounds. I am able to do the home program of PowHer.Fit with the modified movements. I am transforming from weak to strong and from having very low endurance to much more stamina!

I absolutely love that PowHer.Fit is not a one size fits all program. I love that someone can start their fitness journey here and stay through muscle gain, fat loss and even reverse dieting! The fact that you are providing so much content and guidance at such an amazing price is a reflection that you aren’t just another fitness program looking to make a quick dollar.

After battling with running injuries, I decided I needed more strength training and gave PowHer.Fit a try. Best decision ever! I just finished a half marathon stronger than I thought was possible.

Every time I see my picture I almost cry. I can’t believe the changes I’ve seen from PowHer.Fit. I’m so excited to see how far I can go! Thank you for keeping me motivated!

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