Current Members Being Switched Over – New Login

If you are an existing member, you will be emailed a new login credentials to the new site. Please use your email address as your username and the new password emailed to you as the password.  If you don’t see an email from us, please check the spam folder.  Multiple members have found the new password email in their spam folders.

It Says I Need an Access Code – HELP!

You do not need an access code, but you do need to enroll into 1 or more of our programs. members get access to all programs, so we recommend enrolling to them all.

How to Enroll Screen Recording

How do I Enroll in a Program?

From the home dashboard, you will click on monthly memberships and scroll down to see all our current programs.  Click the button within the given program that says “Not Enrolled” and that will allow you to then “Enroll”. Then whenever you click on your profile, you will see the programs you’ve enrolled in show up under your Programs Section.

I’m New, What Do I Do?

Watch the video below.  This is a complete overview video of the new website, how to sign up and how to navigate within the app.  Honestly whether you are an old member who is moving over to the new software system, or if you’re a new member brand new to our web app, please watch the video below to learn!  The new system is different from the old one and this will help you learn to navigate around!

Take a Peak!

For now, you can log in and take a look around. Your login details are at the bottom of this message. Once you’re logged in, you can view the new Forums, the Chat Room, and other Resources that are for Members Only.  Feel free to start a new thread on whatever we can help you with.

What should I do about my payment?

You don’t need to do anything. Any members who originally joined on our old system will have access to the new system also. You can leave your billing in place and we will send you an invite to the new system. If you want to cancel on the old system and re-subscribe through the new system, you’re welcome to do that at your leisure or at renewal. If you run into any issues, please contact us through our website:

Will I still have access to my workouts on the old system?

Yes, you will continue to have access to workouts and content through the old system also, as long as your payment is current through that system. Once you move your payment information over to the new system, you will only have access through the new system. The old system will only have the Strength 1.0 and Bikini Body Conditioning Programs on there. All future programs will be launched on the new system, but again, as long as you’re a subscribed member, you’ll have access to both old and new.

Need Help?

We have a new help desk that’s built into the system. Once you’re logged in, just click on the |?| icon at the top right and then into the “Member help desk.” Any questions that you have about how to use the site can be posted there and our tech team will help get you answers as soon as possible. There are also two other resources for you in that same area, an Online Help section and Getting Started Guides for newbie questions (we all have them!).

More Questions?

Besides the interactive Forums and the Help Desk, we also have general FAQs on our website at Also, this blog will serve as our update location as we move forward. We’ll post updates here as well as try to keep you updated by email.


An account has been created for you at PowHer Fit.
Your user id is @userid (but remember when logging into the new account you will actually log in with your email address) and your password is @password.

To log in to your account, click this link (when live):
Then click the ‘Log in’ button and enter your user id and password.


Retrieve Your User ID?

One thing that is different with the new system is that your email address is your User ID. You’ll use that for login.

Retrieve Your Password?

From the membership portal linked in the email you received, click Log In at the top right. If you haven’t received a welcome email with a password, or have otherwise forgotten your password, try using the automated password retrieval on the website. If it says it sent it to you, but you’re not seeing the email, please check your SPAM folder and/or search for “PowHer” in your email.

Still Having Login Issues?

If you have run into an issue logging in that you cannot resolve on your own, please reach out to our team using our website contact form and our team:

Looking forward to talking more in the members area.

Have a great day!

– Randa