Here at we do not include strict meal plans in our membership (nor do we encourage them long term) because we want each of our members to LEARN how their normal foods affect their calorie intake and how those calories are proportioned with the 3 different macronutrients (carbs, proteins, and fats).

The BEST way to manage your weight FOR LIFE is to learn what food is, what different ones are comprised of, how different ones affect your body, and how to identify better choices. You CANNOT learn this without ever committing to tracking your food for at least a 12 week time period. Tracking food through My Fitness Pal (learn more on our “What Are Macros and How Do I Track Them” blog) is the BEST way to learn what proportions of macros make up the different foods you eat. For this reason, we are not and do not advise any meal plans because they will simply rob you of that education and drag you backwards the moment the meal plan is over.

After tracking macros consistently for weeks, you will learn how to guage and understand your caloric intake as well as macro breakdown without having to ALWAYS track in the future. If you’ve already been through consistent weeks of tracking your macros, we suggest choosing at least one day every week (or couple of weeks) to track just to get refreshed. It’s never a bad thing to make sure you’re hitting your calorie and macro goals.

Don’t know what your calorie and macro goals should be? We have a guide for our paid members to calculate and follow to learn what they should be intaking based upon their goals!

Now if after reading this blog you still feel that you NEED a meal plan to help kick start your wellness journey, we can create a customized short-term meal plan based upon your lifestyle, schedule and food allergies. This will be an additional and separate charge from your membership.