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Happy Monday Everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July weekend!  I sure did!  We hosted family on Friday evening, all day Saturday and Sunday morning.  Thursday July 4 I actually cleaned house from 8am-3pm, then worked out and sorted through some of our vacation pictures and videos!  (The next blog I post will be all about our trip to Italy!)  I stayed on track on Thursday and Friday since I’m competing in the PowHer.fitJuly Challenge, but this weekend I over ate on calories, fats, carbs and sugars.  Today I’m doing an extended fast to balance out my weekly calories and macros to get back on track!  You can follow along on my insta story!

Keep reading this blog for a chance to win a giveaway of the 12 week PowHer 1.0 Program – a 3 month membership! ($147 value!)


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Wanna know one of the best parts of this past weekend??? (Besides all the nephew cuddles I got!) ???. . It was the amount of messages I received from clients telling me how this was the first time in YEARS that they felt comfortable and even confident spending time by the pool! I remember dreading the pool, being seen in a swimsuit, just wanting to get neck deep in the water and drink my insecurities away. Now I’m like, “Hey @grantlandpart2, can we take a picture when we get to the pool? And by “a picture” I mean 10 LOL cause a girl needs options! Like my hubby’s face of preparedness in photo 3 kills me ???. . I will forever be a fan of strength training and lifting weights because I get RESULTS and I get to eat…..A LOT! Remember over Christmas when I ate an entire half of a coconut meringue pie????? Welp I did it again this weekend and I DO NOT REGRET ONE SINGLE BITE lol. ???. I even had pizza (two different times ?), BBQ, jalapeño margaritas, nachos, sushi ? and ice cream sundaes! ? Home girl LOVES SOME FOOD, especially on Holiday weekends!. . Even just a year ago, I never planned on having a fitness app company! I listened to so many of you and let God guide my way! This week we will be celebrating 6 months in business and we will be launching our 3rd and newest program – PowHer 1.0 tomorrow! (We already have Strength 1.0 and Bikini Body Conditioning!). . Ask me ALL THE QUESTIONS BELOW so I can answer them all in tomorrow’s blog post! Stay tuned for WHY we have multiple program options within the app, which one you should start with, which is best for your own personal goals, etc! The best way for me to answer all of your questions for tomorrow is for you to ask them below!. . My Instagram following is actually a community I’m trying to build for all of you! If you’re new to following me, please introduce yourself below and try to engage and follow others below! I want all my people to encourage and lift each other up! I have never had to unscrew another woman’s light bulb in order for mine to shine brighter, so let’s help light each other up! ??✨ #RandaCarrabba #LifestyleBlog #PowHerFit

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Today’s blog post is all about the Newest Program – PowHer 1.0!  Of course this program has 2 options: PowHer 1.0 Home and PowHer 1.0 Gym!  This is our 3rd program we are rolling out with.  We started with Strength 1.0 (that also has a home and gym option) and then followed up with Bikini Body Conditioning (which again has both home and gym options).  Whenever you are a member, you can access to ALL of our programs.  All you have to do is enroll in whichever courses you want!

What is PowHer 1.0 All About?

Well this program is all about Power, which is how fast force can be generated (strength is how much force is produced, has nothing to do with speed of production). So to develop power, the brain, nervous system and muscles ALL have to be in perfect sync, sending loads of electricity to the proper motor pools, activating the right motor units, and stimulating the contraction of the muscle fibers in order from best mechanical advantage as quickly and efficiently as possible!  This means we have to develop control, comfort, and acceleration through each movement and steadily speed them up to get better and executing them faster and faster!
What Order Should I do the Programs In?
For optimum results, we suggest Strength 1.0 followed by Bikini Body Conditioning and then move into PowHer 1.0.  Of course based on the time of year it is, you can adjust this order however you like!  All our programs are great and incredible results will still arise based on the different order variations that can be chosen, followed and completed.
Which Program is Best?
Strength 1.0: if you’re interested in resistance training, building new muscle definition, trying LOTS of new exercises, and learning how to burn fat without spending all of your time on cardio equipment, this is the program for you!
Bikini Body Conditioning: If you’re reluctant to lifting weights, or you’ve been lifting hard for a while and it’s time to challenge your body with something new, this program will challenge your body’s aerobic endurance and top speed while incorporating enough resistance training to maintain and possibly even build new lean muscle mass along the way.
PowHer 1.0: On paper, this program will appear similar to Strength 1.0, but with less exercise variety and much more dedication on power-productions.  This program will FEEL unlike anything you’ve done before!  If you’re not averse to lifting weights and want to see just how powerful your body can become by generating faster, stronger, higher quality muscular contractions, then PowHer 1.0 is Waiting for you!
Where do I start?  What will give the best results?  What about the quickest results?
The best  program in the world is only as good as your commitment to it.  So the best program for you is the one you’re most likely to stick to!  Each of our programs are capable of making you stronger, leaner and more confident in your birthday suit, but it’s the effort you put toward finishing each workout strong and sticking to our Nutrition Guidelines that are going to determine your level of success.
Will I still achieve fat loss on the strength program?  What about on PowHer 1.0?
Yes!  Just be sure to have your nutritional instructions and goals set for weight loss and be sure to follow them!
Will I still build muscle doing Bikini Body Conditioning?
Yes, but if building muscle is your PRIMARY priority, our Strength program is engineered to do that more than the Conditioning program.  Following our Nutrition Recommendations for building muscle is the best way to do that with any of our training programs!
What If I’m Super Out Of Shape and Have Physical Limitations? Or What if I’m Super Advanced and Want a Challenge?
Every single exercise movement within ALL of our programs comes with 3 options: Standard, Advanced and Modified.  You will not choose a specific program based upon your level of shape and physical capability, instead you will choose the exercise movement option within your workout based upon your skill level and physical capability.  If you’re fairly average in terms of strength and shape – then we recommend doing the standard movements!  If you’re very strong, in pretty good shape, and have lifted weights or long distanced trained over an extended period of time – then we suggest the advanced movements.  If you’re overweight, extremely out of shape, maybe have bad knees or a limiting back and are worried about being able to actually perform our exercise movements, the modified movements are made for you!!!

How do I Enroll into a Specific Program within the PowHer.fitApp?

Within the Home Dashboard on mobile, you can simply hit “enroll” in any of the programs.  You can also do this within your profile!  See below for a screen recording video to assist you:

How To Enroll Videofrom Randa Carrabbaon Vimeo.

Why does Have Different Program Options?  This Seems a Little Confusing to Me rather than Sticking with a Consistent Training Method?

The training methodology for all of our programs follows the Performance Training Model used by professional Strength and Conditioning Coaches and Personal Trainers to systematically target the body’s stabilization, strength and power systems! Each program incorporates multiple stages of targeted intensity that is progressed every single week so that results never stall. This is how we prevent plateaus, keep our workouts fresh, AND separate ourselves from the run-of-the-mill fitness programs out there on the market today!

What If I Have Additional Questions about

Please read our FAQ pageon the website to learn more!  You can also email us at!


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Winner will be chosen at random (based upon following all entry requirements to be entered) and will be announced on Monday July 15!  I’ll announce the winner on my blog and social media outlets!

Thanks everyone for reading all about the newest project that we’ve been working so hard on!  Good luck to everyone who entered the giveaway!