New System Cancellation:

If you are a member who signed up and has billing with our NEW software system that launched June 5, 2019 here are your cancellation steps:

  1. Be sure you’re logged into your account.
  2. Click on purchases.
  3. Within purchases, you’ll click Monthly Membership
  4. Then on left side where it says “Cancel Membership”, click that!  That’s it.  You can cancel at anytime at no charge.


Previous System Cancellation:

If you are a member who signed up originally on our EXISTING software system (From January 12-June 2019), you will have to cancel on the EXISTING system.  Here are those steps:

  1. Make sure you’re logged into the OLD system.  If you’re logged into the new system, but your billing is on the old system YOU WILL NOT TRULY CANCEL YOUR MONTHLY PAYMENT!
  2. Once you login, the first page that should pop up will be your profile.  If not, click profile.
  3. Once you’re in your profile, click subscriptions.
  4. Within subscriptions, you will then click CANCEL.
  5. Be sure to check your orders to see if your monthly recurring payment is processed through or Paypal.  If you paid with, you will NOT need to do any additional cancellation steps.  However if you paid with PayPal, you will have to login to your Paypal account and cancel the monthly recurring payment that you approved from Paypal to  If you paid with PayPal but DO NOT cancel the recurring payment authorized to them, they will continue to charge you.  See below for a screen recording video on how to cancel the recurring payment within Paypal.

How to Cancel Video (Old System)