Why are there “different” programs within the PowHer.fitapp?

Well because we like to be able to switch it up every 12 weeks for our members.  We first rolled out with Strength 1.0 when the app first launched and this is the program we suggest doing BEFORE the Bikini Body Conditioning.  However, there will be some of our members who cannot/do not want to strength train 4 days a week like Strength 1.0calls for.  Bikini Body Conditioning will be a great program for our members to roll into after completing our first strength program, as well as it will be a strong program on its own for people to start and do as a starter program within PowHer.fit.  Different members will have different fitness goals and targeted areas – so we want to create multiple programs to cover all of our member’s requests.  We also don’t want our members getting too redundant on their programs and/or facing fitness plateaus because of such redundancy.

Will there be an additional charge if I end up doing more than one program within the PowHer.fit app?

No additional charge!  Our membership is $49/month and you are given access to all of our programs.  You also get access to our community online forum, email access to Randa and the nutrition overview guidelines we encourage for all PowHer.fitmembers.  We currently have Strength 1.0 and Bikini Body Conditioning as the available programs within the app.  We will have more programs roll out in the future – including a postpartum special program!  However anyone who has rested 6 weeks after giving birth with a doctor’s approval can start any of our program – we just suggest doing the modified movements to start.  If you’re pregnant and have previously been working out, you can do our programs too!  (Just do not start lifting heavier than you typically did before pregnancy during pregnancy and of course have approval from your doctor!)

How long is the Bikini Body Conditioning Program?

Both Strength 1.0 and Bikini Body Conditioning are 12 weeks programs.

Do I need to be in good shape for starting this Bikini Body Conditioning?

No, you are not required to be in good shape to start ANY of our programs.  With each program, we have standard, modified and advanced exercise movements.  We just encourage that beginners or those who are more out of shape start with the modified movements first!

Should I do Strength 1.0 before starting Bikini Body Conditioning?

We do encourage this order, however it is not required.

Do we offer any type of student discount?

No.  We feel our services are super affordable for what all the membership entails.  To learn more, visit the FAQ pageon the PowHer.fit site!

If I’m currently not finished with Strength 1.0, should I finish first before starting the Bikini Body Conditioning?

We encourage that you finish Strength 1.0 first, but you can switch over to Bikini Body Conditioning whenever you want to.  We understand people have different goals and we encourage you to be able to make your own decisions within our app – which is why we allow membership to utilize both of our programs.  We DO NOT encourage that you do TWO programs at the same time.  Your body needs proper rest and to not be overworked, so each of our programs are written and created for you to only do one at a time!

Do we need to change up our diet from Strength 1.0 to Bikini Body Conditioning?

The nutritional overview set out for the PowHer.fit app that has been followed for Strength 1.0 will also yield amazing results for Bikini Body Conditioning as well.  We do suggest that you go back through our nutrition overview when starting any new program.  We actually suggest that you do this monthly to account for weight lost/gained, body fat percentage lost/gained, and muscle mass lost/gained.

Is there a home program for the Bikini Body Conditioning Program?

You better believe it!  We offer home options for all of the programs within the PowHer.fit app!  We even have members who travel during the week do the home programs in their hotel rooms when the hotel gyms have too limited of equipment to do the gym program.

Is the bikini program still going to include full body workouts?

Yes!  We are firm believers in full body workouts over targeted workouts.  This allows you to burn more calories and build more lean muscle mass in a given amount of workout time!

Does Bikini Body Conditioning come with a detailed meal plan?

If you’re familiar with PowHer.fit or have read over our FAQ page, you will know that we do not give detailed meal plans.  Here is why: We do not tailor a custom or detailed meal plan for every Powher.fit member who registers, but rather a suggested nutritional plan to follow. We want our members to have food freedom and to LEARN how to eat on their own without having to follow a strict meal plan. If you feel you can only succeed with a structured meal plan, we can create you one for an additional charge.  Please email info@powher.fit if you want a custom meal plan created to your own dietary restrictions.

Will I lose the lean muscle mass that I built in Strength 1.0 whenever I start doing Bikini Body Conditioning?

No mam!  We still have multiple strength training days a week on the Bikini Program to ensure that you do not “lose” any muscle.  There will be more cardio and conditioning days to help you to lean out to showcase the lean muscle mass that was gained in Strength 1.0!

What is the difference in Strength 1.0 vs Bikini Body Conditioning?

Both are still 5 workouts a week, an active recovery day and a true rest day.  The nutritional overview for both programs is the same as well!  Strength 1.0 will have more full body strength days and encourages more lean muscle mass gains as to where Bikini Body Conditioning has less full body strength days, more conditioning days, and is designed to further lean you out to showcase the lean muscles previously built! To find out how long the workouts are, please read the PowHer.fit FAQ page!

Which program in the PowHer.fit app is best?

No program will be “better” than the other one.  We create each program to be the absolute best of its kind!  There will just be different target areas hit with each of our different programs.  For instance, Strength 1.0 is all about making you stronger and helping to build lean muscle mass.  Bikini Body Conditioning is helping you to become better conditioned and lean out to showcase off your bikini body!

Can I burn fat and tone up at the same time?

Yes!  You can tone and lean out your body, but in order to do so, you have to build muscle first!  (You will build MORE lean muscle mass in our Strength 1.0 program and this is why we encourage doing this program first!)  Now let’s set something straight – “building muscle” does not equate to “bulking up.” As women, it’s NOT physically possible for our bodies to bulk up the way men are able to, as we simply to not have the genetic makeup or the amount of testosterone needed to build that kind of muscle.  FACT: the more lean muscle we have, the more fat we’re going to burn consistently throughout the day.  Lifting weights and building muscle boosts our metabolism so much so that it gets us to a point where our bodies actually become fat-burning machines.  It helps our bodies become capable of burning fat even during periods of rest.  So in essence, “building muscle” actually equates to leaning out and toning up!

Do I have to sign up exclusively for the Bikini Body Conditioning Program?

No special sign up required.  Just join our online membership at PowHer.fit HERE.  You will actually access our web based app from your browser, as we are not on the app store.  If you want to save our website icon to your home page to access our program like a true app, please follow the instructions below.

If I missed any questions, please ask them below so I can answer them for everyone!  Thank you all for continuing to follow my own personal fitness journey, as well as the PowHer.fit company!  I would love for you to follow both myself (@randacarrabba) and (@powher.fit) on instagram to see more day-to-day type posts!