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Randa Carrabba

Motivator, Fitness Influencer

Over the past 5 years, Randa has lost 40 pounds, steadily reduced her body fat percentage while also gaining lean muscle mass.

Her lifestyle is proof that with sustainable and balanced nutrition (she eats over 200 grams of carbs a day!) along with strength and resistance training, the mind and body can begin to function at its true potential. Through her own lifestyle and fitness journey experiences, she believes in aging in reverse and feeling better each day that she is blessed with.

Randa is on a mission to encourage women to become better and healthier versions of themselves!

Ben Crane

Strength Coach, Trainer and Nutritionist

Ben has helped dozens of women (including in College Station, TX) transform their bodies and their self-confidence through smarter exercise structure, sustainable nutrition guidance, and realistic expectations.

Ben has been passionately involved in fitness for well over a decade, and considering he is in his mid 30’s and still winning transformation contests against other personal trainers, he clearly knows what it takes to stay fit after those easier youthful years are behind you. Ben separates himself from other trainers by taking a more inclusive, holistic, and integrative approach in how he coaches each client.

PowHer.fit’s purpose is to provide an exciting and educational environment which allows individuals of all backgrounds to establish a realistic, sustainable and healthy lifestyle. At PowHer.fit we come together to help each other through positive community support, accountability and interactive forums.

At PowHer.fit our goal is to help you develop and maintain progress throughout your fitness journey. We provide the necessary tools to attain your goals through nutritional discipline, resistance weight training, high intensity interval training and proper rest. Through our interactive program and your hard work, you will not only experience fat loss and increased muscle mass, you will also build a stronger mindset, a boost in confidence, cultivate relationships and experience a better quality of life. With consistency, diligence and dedication from US, we will help develop a more powHerful YOU!

Our Mission is to help encourage you to become a better version of yourself while realizing the importance and value of community. For we are stronger together and aspire for every member to feel powerfully YOUnited.

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